Raw graphite

Graphite Chisel Points

Chisel Point Techniques & Examples by Patrick Corbett, Limn Studio

  • What do you know about graphite?
  • How do you use it in your art work? 


You probably use it in the form of a pencil to make notes, to sketch your emerging ideas.  You may even be one of a small number of ‘graphite artists’ who produces complete studies or pictures using only graphite. But how well do you know it and are you aware of its potential and its versatility? 

Frottage using chiselpointsPencils have long been used by artists, designers, engineers and many others, but often only as a preparatory tool for subsequent development of their ideas. Only more rarely has graphite been appreciated as an art medium in its own right; as a means of creating the final work of art.    

Many people who come on my art workshops have seen solid graphite sticks and may even own one but rarely know how to use them effectively. Over a number of years graphite has been my preferred medium.  I have developed a range of techniques using both pencils and solid chisel point graphite sticks in conjunction with a range of frottage materials which have enabled me to produce some very interesting results.  

All the examples shown in the Gallery have been produced using 2B and 4B hexagonal Pitt Graphite Faber-Castell, worked on Bristol Board.

Graphites are produced by a number of manufacturers and as with most materials they vary in quality and price. I have found that Faber Castell are consistent in quality and produce the result I require.

I believe that with some careful selection of materials, patience and practice, many people would be able to achieve so much more with a simple graphite stick than they ever thought possible. Through this web site I would like to share with you a selection of my ideas in a series of studies taken from the booklets that complement my chiselpoint and graphite workshops.

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Here are some examples of my work using chisel point techniques. 

chiselpointchurch door in chiselpointtrees chiselpoint

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